Evan and Chestnut is a show on Evan's Trash. It consists of two protagonists, Evan the Fennekin and Chestnut the Chespin with several other characters visiting at times. The show takes place in the Upstairs Realm, which contains a lot of computers, instruments, and junk. The show has episodes with one-word capital letter titles such as the first episode, DEVIANTART.

It is the first show to ever be made on Evan's Trash and it currently has a total of six episodes, the latest episode being SHOE.


In the House Dimensions, there are many realms. The currently known dimensions are the Upstairs Realm, the Downstairs Realm, the Kitchen, and possibly others. While the Upstairs Realm is a land of peace and fun, the Downstairs Realm is a land of pain and suffering. Two beings live in the Upstairs Realm, Evan and Chestnut. Together they go on epic adventures to try and be as less productive as possible. During their journies, they meet many friends along the way such as the Dragon of the Great Dragon Tower.


  • Evan - One of two protagonists and is a Fennekin. Usually talks in a yelling voice similar to that of Alfred Fartbob. Not to be confused with The Creator of Evan's Trash. Lives in the Upstairs Realm with his best friend Chestnut.
  • Chestnut - The other of two protagonists and is a Chespin. Also talks in a yelling voice with a bit of an accent. Often repeats phrases. Lives in the Upstairs Realm with his best friend Evan. He also plays the snare drum like a champion, able to play any instrument by beating the absolute shit out of it.
  • Dragon - The Dragon, often known as the Dragon of the Great Dragon Tower, is a ally of Evan and Chestnut that lives in the Downstairs Realm on the Great Dragon Tower. Has an incredibly deadpan voice and is completely static with no dynamic parts whatsoever, however he can still move.
  • Blueman - A creepy Froakie that does drugs. Always has a cord (and tag) in his butt and is seen dangling from the sky. When he is not in the sky, he is assaulted by trombone lyres. Though he does drugs and has every mental issue in existence, he yet manages to be one of the greatest singers in the House Dimensions.
  • Shiny Shoe - The Shiny Shoe, also seen in other forms such as the Spooky Scary Skeleton and the Kitchen Spider, is the main antagonist of Evan and Chestnut and is basically Satan itself. It is unknown weather it is a boy or a girl. It made its debut as the Kitchen Spider and Spooky Scary Skeleton in DRAGON and made its debut as the Shiny Shoe in SHOE.